Class Description

Prenatal Classes

This class will include prental topics such as: growth and development of baby, nutrition, physical and emotional changes as well as the birthing process - signs and stages of labor and comfort measures that my be helpful during labor. 

Nutrition 101-Maintaining A Fit and Healthy Pregnancy

This class includes a presentation of a series of lessons that focuses on general nutrition, food prepration, food safety and food budgeting.  Each lesson also includes an interactive activity and small food demonstration if time permits.

After Baby Comes

This class addresses those first uncertain weeks at home with your newborn.  You will become familiar with characteristics of normal newborn appearance, feeding and sleeping patterns and needs.

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding provides mothers and their babies with a healthy start. If you have been thinking about breastfeeding your baby but you have questions and concerns, then this class is for you! Learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding, proper latching, positioning, returning to work or school, common myths and misconceptions, and building a support network.

Car Seat Safety Class

This class covers proper installation of car seats and use of the basic types of car seats and Louisiana law.  Four out of five car seats are not installed in the car correctly! Dont's be a part of the statistic! Come let a certified car seat technician show you haw to properly protect you precious cargo. 


Networks & Memberships